Now, here’s the stuff you really want to know.
Who wants to read a boring resume anyway?

I’m a young art director known for my hand lettering and illustration skills, but I’ve also dabbled in directing photo shoots and leading creative campaigns. I’ve worked on restaurant, healthcare and hospitality clients - all interesting, all different. Being able to transition from style to style and brand to brand seamlessly is something I’m proud to bring to the table.

I started my career at the painfully cool Mama’s Sauce print shop where I worked in the finishing department running the Kluge Letterpress. Always hungry and looking for more, I took the step into agency world at &Barr, a full-service advertising agency. At &Barr, I moved from production artist, to junior art director and was recently promoted to art director. When I'm not working at &Barr, I'm working on my freelance. Most of my freelance is through Native Screen Printing Company where I help with designing artwork for clients or pre-pressing files. I'm a typography nerd with a knack for hand lettering so I try to incorporate that into most of my work.

The power of branding has always resonated with me, which is why I put so much love into creating my own personal brand: Katie Kicks Ass. The brand essence is that of a slightly jaded, starving artist, fan of denim jackets, purple-haired punk rock fan. Now these all sound a little dramatic, but they make up effortlessly cool vibe of Katie Kicks Ass. No, I will not karate chop you if you cut me off in traffic, but I will continue to create kick-ass work - no matter what.

Cheers - and keep kicking ass.